Personal Laser Diode Hair Remover System Epila SI 808

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The Epila is a medical instrument, manufactured on the basis of extensive scientific research and state of the art technology.
Epila SI 808 wavelength is being used worldwide for hair removal and has been proven to be an average of 80% effective for permanent hair removal by world leading research institutes and Universities, even if the laser is not emitted directly on hair.
The Epila also has a hair removal effect by penetrating into the root area of the hair.


* Much faster and easier for hair removal than other existing methods
* Almost painless and less time-consuming compared to other treatments
* Less number of treatments
* Assures precise and reliable treatment
* Permanent hair removal and hair reduction effect
* The skin is softer after treatment as a result of pore constriction that occurs during treatment.
Features & details
High-power semiconductor laser causes no side effects and is easy to use
meets EU health, safety, and environmental requirements, which ensures consumer safety. The Epila is certified by CE and KFDA
The laser is emitted only within a short distance by focusing the emission through an optical lens.
Adjustable power and timer
Slim and portable design; easy to carry while traveling.
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