Sage X is our newest Sage Condo project located at 257 Hemlock Street in Waterloo

Адрес257 Hemlock Street, Waterloo
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*** Purchase With Only 10% Down! ***
Text Julia Smirnova 416-720-3331 if you want to recerve the unit email: [email protected]
Sage X is our newest Sage Condo project located at 257 Hemlock Street in Waterloo. It has a completion date of September 2019.
For more info or to reserve a unit, text Julia Smirnova 416-720-3331 or email [email protected]

Sage X VIP Purchasers will Receive:

- Free Complete Furniture Package
- 2 year Free Property Management
- 2 year Lease Guarantee

- Development levies are capped at $5,900
- $0 Assignment

Waterloo One Bedroom Stats:
Rental rates among 1 beds have gone up 10% year from 2015 to 2017
They are currently renting for $1,250-$1,300 for the 2018 school year
Retention ratio among 1 Beds are 49.57%
Average retention ratio on all other inventory is 30.63%
It took 31 days to lease all our 1 bed inventory in Waterloo last year (The remaining inventory took 128 days)
One bedroom units are in very low supply in the Waterloo University district
IN8 is the only developer building true one bedroom units. Other developers use one plus den, two bed, three bed, or five bedroom
IN8 currently has only 58 one bedroom units in Waterloo
This is in a market with over 50,000 students. 98% of which need off campus housing starting in 2nd year
This leads us to believe that students looking for a private luxury accommodation are vastly under supplied and are willing to pay premium rates to live alone in a private brand new condo

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